Teehee, my face here is reaaaally judgy x3

Teehee, my face here is reaaaally judgy x3

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I came out as trans to 3 more friends this day.

They all were accepting and with one I wrote about an hour long and he was really happy for me. That I’ve found and accepted myself and that I trust him :)

With another one it was a very short conversation but he also was very accepting.

The last one was my brothers wife. I also talked very long with here. And she said I have to come over (as a girl) soon, and I don’t have to hide it from them :3 Gonna visit them tomorrow :)

And here’s todays outfit :3

Dress: dorothy perkins
Cardigan: bonprix
Boots: even&odd

So I’ve had laser on my full face today :)
I was told that I could shave - so I did about 2 hours before (really close).

The doctor also asked if I wanted my gender marker and name changed in their client-database, as I wouldn’t be able to hand in the bills for anything anyway (I think you can get some “minutes” payed for but that’s not worth it). I got it changed :)
I also got a pretty good discount because I don’t have much hair and the area from the test-shoot also had about no hairs.

It did really hurt on some (softer) areas, the upper lip part wasn’t as bad as I imagined.

And there were also some hairs popping out right after being zapped - which was a bit weird and the technician said she’d never seen that before. But I shouldn’t worry.

This time I applied two layers of SPF 50 sun blocker. When I got home (about 40minutes) the redness had vanished.

And right now it doesn’t even hurt, maybe just a tingling :)

Can’t wait for plucking out the loose hairs in about 14 days :D


I accidentally toned my blond hair too much, resulting in weird light purple streaks. So I just decided to dye it.image

I miss the blond, it was so much work to get it that light. Definitely not looking forward to my mum’s reaction.

I like it :3
How I imagine your mums reaction: “Oh no your beautiful hair”, “Aren’t you too old for this?”, “How are you gonna find a job/flat/whatever?”,.. 






I just watched a kid break down in the bookstore because his books for the semester totaled $600 and that’s the american university system in a nutshell

I was on the verge of tears when I got to the cashier so yeah, that’s messed up

Go here and just, don’t waste any more money okay?


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whaziznamez replied to your photoset “A little lazy on the make up but who cares xP Dress: dorothy perkins…”

Very cute! I love the dress!! :)

Thanks :3

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sams-hams replied to your photoset “A little lazy on the make up but who cares xP Dress: dorothy perkins…”

you look so adorable as you always do QvQ

Thank you (✿◠‿◠)

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A little lazy on the make up but who cares xP

Dress: dorothy perkins
Leggings: forever21
Socks, hairband: new look

Yay, everyone at work liked my hair (it’s the first time they all saw it like this) :3